Fillmore Flashes Boys Varsity Volleyball

Courtesy Candace Vigial

Fillmore vs. Malibu
On Thursday, April 22nd, Fillmore High Boys Volleyball played against Malibu High. School Scores and stats are as follows: 1st game: 10-25 (Loss), 2nd game: 13-25 (Loss), 3rd game: 14-25 (Loss); Eddie Gamez had 5 digs, 10 kills, and 2 blocks; Favian Martinez had 3 aces and 17 assists.

Fillmore vs. Nordhoff
Tuesday, April 27th the Flashes took on Nordhoff High scores are as follows: 1st game: 25-20 (win), 2nd game: 20-25 (loss), 3rd game: 15-25 (loss), 4th game: 25-22 (win), 5th game: 9-15 (loss); Eddie Gamez had 10 digs, 14 kills, and 8 blocks; Antonio Cisneros had 15 digs, 6 kills, and 2 blocks; Robert Moreno had 15 digs, and 3 kills.