FHS Girls Tennis Takes on Santa Paula Malibu & Carpentaria

A note from tennis Coach Lolita Bowman

We have completed a total of three matches since my last article in the paper. The scores are as follows: Fillmore 5, Santa Paula 13, Fillmore 1, Malibu 17, Fillmore 0, Carpinteria 18. The line-up for the Santa Paula match was the following: singles players from one to the number three position Emila Magdaleno, Heillyn Burr, and Maritza Campos. Doubles teams were Melissa Higuera/Rosalyn Diaz, Eveleen Lizarrage/Sofia Cardenas, and Ashlin Rodriguez/Erika Anguiano, and secret weapon team Samantha Pacheco (Sam)/Jennifer Carrillo. The score of only three points does not really represent the effort that the girls put into these tough matches. Singles players Emilia, Heillyn, and Maritza had close scores where the match could have gone either way. Playing against Santa Paula is also a challenge as we are not accustomed to the windy conditions at the courts. We will be playing against Santa Paula again on the 24th of October, so we will see if the girls redeem themselves. I can tell you, as usual, that I am so pleased with the skill level and the competitive spirit instilled in this team. They play their best! Scoring points for Fillmore that day was singles player Emilia, doubles teams Melissa/ Rosalyn, Eveleen/Sofia, and Ashlin/Erika. Great job girls! The next match that was played was against the seasoned team of Malibu high school. Number one singles player Heillyn Burr scored the solo point for Malibu. Sam and Jennifer were also playing singles that day playing their best against their tough opponents. Sam was pleased with her tennis that day, “I was surprised at how well I was rallying coach.” I can say that Samantha and some other girls have been staying after practice to put some extra time in. This effort has definitely paid off. Doubles teams Rosalyn/Erika, and Eveleen/Maritza came close to winning their sets with scores of 6-3, 6-4, and 6-3. As mentioned, these matches can go either way as the scores are close. I tell them to simply hit the ball sooner when they are up against opponents who can hit the ball hard and fast. Next time girls! After this match, the team enjoyed a picnic with an incredible orange, pink, and yellow sunset and ocean view in the background. The next match that was played was against Carpinteria high school on October 17. We did not score any points during that particular match, however, many games were won, including some close scores where either player could have been victorious. The line-up for this match was the following: Singles-Heillyn, Jimena Cortes, and Sam, Doubles-Melissa/Eveleen, Rosalyn/Sofia, Maritza/Erika, and secret weapon doubles team Kira Martinez/Anneleise Asfour. Heillyn came close to winning as her scores were 6-4, 6-3, and 6-3. Paola Ruiz, and Jennifer also played singles that day. Player Paola Ruiz expressed joy, “I had some long rallies coach!” I told her that I was absolutely impressed with her play. “I think the other girl said she has been playing for a few years,” Paola said to me. At times, I encourage the girls to have conversations after the match is over to realize the difference in the amount of experience that their opponent may possess. As our team in Fillmore is nascent, they can look forward to playing as well as some of their opponents in the future with hard work. In the end, the finals will be held at Pepperdine University on October 28, and 30. I will be taking the top six players to that event. This year I have a large pool of good players to choose from. At times some of the girls have to miss out on playing a match as school always comes first; especially an important exam day. We will see who will be chosen. The girls may have the opportunity to play against a previous opponent as this event will be including the entire league of teams: Fillmore, Malibu, Carpinteria, Santa Paula, Nordoff, and Hueneme. We will have to put up with enjoying the incredible view of a sunset and vast ocean as the finals take place. All for now, and thank you so much for following the Fillmore high school girls tennis news.