FHS Flash Mob and the Rooter Bus

What is the “Flash Mob”? The flash mob is a group of students from Fillmore High School who cheer on the football team both at home and at the away games. During home games, they have dress up days; for example, last Friday was “Neon Night”. For our away games, students are given the opportunity to ride a rooter’s bus to and from the game for only five dollars.

The first away game was a success. About fifteen students rode the bus to encourage the Fillmore Flashes. We hope to double that number at the next away game tomorrow at Oak Park. The Flash mob is about building both school and community spirit. It is about creating a sense of unity. So next time you are wondering what to do on a Friday night, why not join the Flash mob and show what school spirit really looks like.

David Cadena is a member of the class of 2015.