Blazer’s Compete at VCYTC Championships

Submitted by Erika Arana

The‎ Heritage‎ Valley‎ Blazers‎ track‎ and‎ field‎ team‎ competed‎ in‎ the‎ VCYTC‎ Championships Conference‎ Finals,‎ formally‎ know‎ as‎ (Varsity‎ Finals)‎ on‎ Saturday,‎ May‎ 11,‎ 2019.‎ This‎ meet‎ was‎ against‎ the best of the best in Ventura County, which included Moorpark,‎ Thousand‎ Oaks,‎ Newbury Park, Camarillo, Oxnard,‎ Simi‎ Valley,‎ Ventura and Ojai .‎ We had twenty four local athletes, plus six relay teams qualify for Co-Conference Championships on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at Moorpark High School.

In‎ the‎ (7-8/division)‎ Destina‎ Guzman had a personal‎ record‎ in‎ the‎ 400m‎ with‎ a‎ time‎ of‎ 1:27.09‎ and‎ raced scared but aggressive to finish in 2nd place and qualifying her in the 800m‎; Teammate Lucy‎ Zuniga‎ ran‎ her‎ way‎ into‎ 1st‎ place‎ with‎ a‎ personal‎ record‎ time‎ of‎ 6:34.53‎ in‎ the‎ 1600m‎ and‎ also‎ qualified‎ in‎ the‎ 800m.‎ Carlee‎ Perez‎ qualified for the 1600m with a personal‎ record‎ time‎ of‎ 7:38.82; ‎ Juliana‎ Patterson‎ completed her season with her 800m‎ race time‎ of‎ 3:39.89; The 4x100m relay‎ team‎ members‎ were‎ Aaliyah‎ Tarango,‎ Destina‎ Guzman‎ and‎ twin sisters Liliana and Juliana‎ Patterson who completed their season.‎ Gremlin‎ Boys‎ team members Vincent‎ Halcon,‎ Juan‎ Carlos‎ Garcia,‎ Jacob‎ Vasquez‎ and‎ Aiden‎ Arias‎ snagged the last spot for CCC.

In‎ the‎ (9-10/‎ division)‎ Ayden‎ Barajas‎ qualified in both his events taking a 1600m 1st‎ place‎‎ PR time of‎ 5:44.24 and 2nd in‎ the‎ 800m‎ 2:42.56‎;‎ Abel‎ Arana‎ ran‎ his best 1600m‎ finishing‎ 3rd‎ place‎ with a time‎ of‎ 5:56.96,‎ he also competed in the‎ 800m‎ with‎ a‎ time‎ of‎ 2:51.72; Timothy Pillado II qualified in both his events placing 1st in the 400m 68.85 and 800m 2:41.21; Rodrigo Castillo qualified in the 400m with a PR of 72.72 and also competed in the 200m 32.12.; Isaiah Morales took a 1st place leap into next weekend with a PR jump of 12-10.00; Carlos Esquivel had a throw of 18-05.25 in Shot put, ending his season; Paola Estrada ran her way into 1st place qualifying finishes in the 1600m 5:42.62 and the 800m with a PR of 2:38.82; Sarah Perez had a time of 6:50.77 in the 1600; Emily Arriaga qualified with a PR in the 1600m 6:16.56 and the 800m 2:57.39; Jasmine Gonzalez ran a time of 74.62 in the 400m. Boys 4x100 relay team came out strong and missed their hand off at the final leg. Three out of the four members, Rodrigo Castillo, Jacob Martinez, Isaiah Morales, along with Abel Arana came back fiercely to a 1st place PR 4:59.90 in the 4x400m relay. The girls qualified in both the 4x100 and 4x400 relay. Team members C'enna Uribe, Sarah Cedillos, Jasmine Gonzalez and Aliana Manzano took 4th in the 4x100 and Sarah Cedillos, Jasmine Gonzalez, Paola Estrada and Aliana Manzano finished 2nd in the 4x400m relay.

In the (11-12/division) Diego Felix took a 3rd place finish in the 3200m with a time of 12:17.66. Alberto Penuelas qualified in both his events with a 1st place PR 13.47 in the 100m and a 2nd place 200m finish 27.68; Noah Halcon had a PR in the 800m 2:35.19 to qualify him for CCC and competed in the 80m hurdles 16.46; Ethan Ramirez ran his PR in the 200m 29.39; Nathan Alcantar placed 2nd throwing a PR of 31-02.25; Niza Laureano raced her way into CCC with a 1st place PR finish in the 3200m 12:04.10, 2nd place 800m PR of 2:39.81 and a 3rd place finish in the 1600m 5:49.90; Leah Barragan finished 2nd in the 400m 67.74, 3rd in the 200m 28.80 and had a100m PR 14.03; Jayden Ramirez threw 21-10.50 and Kaylee Riedmiller 23-00.75 threw her PR 23-00.75 in shot put. Girls 4x100 relay team members were Luz Castañeda, Destiny Cardona, Jaelyn Castro and Kaylee Riedmiller. Boys 4x100 relay members were Jacob Montes, Ethan Ramirez, Noah Halcon and Alberto Penuelas who completed their relay season.

In the (13-14/division) Lindsey Ramirez performed as usual and qualifying for all her events. She finished 1st in the 3200m 11:46.16 and 800m 2:26.15, also had a 2nd place finishing the 1600 5:20.16; Carolina Garcia qualified in the 3200m 12:27.93and competed in the 1600m 5:59.83; Kaliz Perez ended her season with a 2:37.8 in the 800m; Benedict Collins hurdled his way to a PR of 18.76 in the 100m. Throwing PR’s in shot put were Arturo Alcaraz 31-01.00 who completed his season and Kade Larson 36-07.25 who will see the ring again at CCC. Larson also high jumped 4-08.00. The girls 4x100 team was led by Sheccid Blanco, Karime Ramirez, Jennifer Castillo and Aaliyah Kendricks. Boys qualified for CCC, team members Nathan Kendricks, Eric Morales, Joseph Moore and Josiah Guzman are ready to take the track. In the 4x400m relays both boys and girls will see the track next week. Lindsey Ramirez, Carolina Garcia, Jennifer Castillo and Yaraby Herrera. Boy’s team was Luis Casteñda, Joseph Moore, Eric Morales and Nathan Kendricks.

In the (15-16/division) Armando Martinez completed his season with a leap of 12-03.25 in long jump; CCC will be seeing three intermediate boys who managed to PR in all their events this past weekend. Diego Amezcua 100m 12.77, 200m 26.30 and 400m 61.50; Joseph Collins 100m 13.13, 200m 26.23 and 400m 60.09; distance runner Peter Kuebler placed 1st in both the 800m 2:23.55 and 1600 5:15.20.