Alumni Softball Game

The Alumni game was a huge success bringing in $500 to FHS softball. FHS 2008 Team won both games at (over 30) 5-1, (under 30) 1-0. Judy Ortiz (79), pictured above smacked a long single to Left Center. Nicole Ortiz (96) Diana Ibarra (04) and Naomi Qualls (98) had 2 strikeouts each. Brenda Martinez (91) came to the mound to pitch to her daughter. Mary Riesgo (89) pictured left held on to her arm for two innings. Catchers Sally Alvarado (98), Chastity Gongora (99), Cynthia Chessani (88) and Tracy Vaughn (89) still held their own behind the plate. Umpire Frank Lopez called the game as he did for most of these ladies back in the day. Yep, they all still have it! See you next year.