Seniors Invited to Learn Computer Basics at SCAN Senior Resource Center
February 20

VENTURA, CA - Seniors who’ve never used a computer but want to learn how, are invited to take this free, two-hour class at the SCAN Senior Resource Center on Wednesday, February 20, from 9 to 11 a.m. “Computer Basics” is an entry-level, senior-focused class for true beginners. The SCAN Senior Resource Center is located at 1001 Partridge Drive, Suite 200, in Ventura.

“This has quickly become one of our most popular classes, and it is only open to those who haven’t taken it before,” said Bob McCullagh, who will be leading the class. McCullagh has extensive computer teaching experience and previously worked for IBM for more than 30 years. “This is a small, hands-on class designed specifically for seniors. The class covers the basics that will give seniors confidence to eventually learn other functions such as email and Internet browsing.”

Class participants will learn to:

Turn on the computer: booting up
Computer terms like what is the cursor, scrolling, drop down menus, pop-up windows, desktop, etc.
Use of a computer mouse
Logging off
Shutting down
There is no cost for this class, but space is limited. Call 805-658-0365 to register.