Senior Center Workshops on Medicare

Now is the time for all senior citizens to check their Medicare insurance and drug coverage and consider making changes as allowed by the new program in 2010. The County of Ventura Area Agency on Aging is holding a series of workshops at the Senior Center to help individuals find out what is available and help them make desired changes.
These meetings will be held from 10 am to noon on Monday Oct. 18 for Medicare Part D. low income subsidy and Medicare Savings programs; Tuesday Oct. 27th for application assistance; Wednesday Nov. 18 for an overview of changes and what they need to do to prepare; Friday Dec. 4 to learn about Medicare Plans for 2010 and Part D. prescription drug plans. On Wednesday Dec 9, from 9 am to l pm, One-on-One review of senior personal Part D plan comparisons and assistance in making any changes a senior wants.

This help is provided by the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program with the Area Agency on Aging and is free to every senior. If they wish to bring a family member along to help them get additional information, they may. Annual changes may be confusing and must be done during this OPEN ENROLLMENT time, but these workshop sessions will help seniors make choices that will be best for their individual needs.