Light up a Life
Santa Clara Valley Hospice Home Support Group Inc.

These names were received from October 20 – Nov.2, 2011. A light will be shining on the Hospice “Light Up A Life” Trees at the Fillmore Plaza, 251 Central Avenue, Fillmore and in Piru , Center Street at the Gazebo. Join us for the Tree Lighting Ceremony in Piru on Saturday, November19, 2011 5:30 P.M. or in Fillmore on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 5:00 P.M.

Fillmore IN MEMORY OF:
Modesto Cardona
Ruby Riesgo
Eric Rick Godfrey
Bret Godfrey
Kathy Black
Terry Meehl
Louis & Grace Meehl
Veron Booth
Marge Whipkey
Thoma Mastin
Jean Mastin
Lori Ann Hawthorne
Robert Stephen Hawthorne
Charles Edmonds
Marge Halter
Mary Real
Raymond Beserra
Ray Arnold
Judy Schein
Donald Arnold
Claude Lee
Mary Lee
Rufus Hiebert
Hazel Hiebert
Peter Nicholas Serrano
Elvira Guillen
Albert Avalos
Christian Giusti
Louie C. Garcia
Mary C. Garica
Daryl Hansen
Don Bradley
Tyler Bradley
Tommy Wallace Whiteley
Ray Wallace
Lark Whiteley
Burlin Whiteley
Mary Real
Otto Olson
Noma Olson
Gladys Olson
Fred Brockway
Pearl Brockway
Marcelo Andrade
Madeline Davis
James Booth
Peggy Booth
Joyce Queen
Tom Queen

Dad/Grandpa Zeke Hernandez
Nana-Lucky Gonzalez
Dino Lovato
Mary Real
Igncio & Amanda Ortega
Lee & Ramona Golson
Anthony Golson Sr.
Baby Lee Golson