Hospice Care offers comfort, dignity and respect

No one likes to think about death and dying, but there is comfort in knowing there’s an incredible resource in our community that provides comfort, dignity and respect to those facing a life-limiting illness. Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice is a not for profit Medicare certified hospice that has been providing specialized compassionate care to the residents of Ventura County since 1985.

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month and this is a time to reflect and reach out to our community to raise awareness about this special kind of care. One of the most important messages to help people understand is that Livingston Hospice helps patients and families focus on the quality of one’s life, not the duration.

The hospice team provides expert medical care as well as emotional and spiritual support to keep patients comfortable so they can enjoy time with loved ones. Livingston Hospice will listen, offer advice, explore options and help families cope. Their professional team, along with trained volunteers, will honor one’s wishes and be there for the patient and their loved ones.

Livingston Hospice is covered by Medicare, MediCal , and insurance; in addition, Livingston Hospice is a non-profit agency, thus no one is ever refused care regardless of their ability to pay. Hospice care is available to people of all ages, and care is provided in one’s home, nursing home, assisted living facility or wherever one resides.

If you or a loved one is facing a serious or life-limiting illness, the time to find out more about hospice and palliative care is right now. Contact Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice at 642-1608 and visit us on the web @ livingstonvna.org.