Free Osteoporosis Class
Practicing Good Bone Health

When you think about fitness, you probably focus on your weight. Who doesn’t? And you might think about your muscles. But what about your bones? For most women, out of sight means out of mind, unless you’re one of the estimated two million Canadian women with osteoporosis or low bone mass. Join Curves of Fillmore for a free class designed to help you assess your risks for osteoporosis and discuss simple strategies to help prevent it.

“Practicing Good Bone Health” will be taught by Curves’ VP of Continuing Education and Research, Cassie Findley, and facilitated by weight management coaches from Curves of Fillmore, through a DVD that will alternate teaching with hands-on activities. “Most of us never think about how important our bones are to our health,” said Denise Johnson, owner of Curves of Fillmore. “They serve as a structural frame for our skeletons, work with ligaments and joints to allow us to move, protect our internal organs, and house bone marrow — our main source of blood formation. We’d be in big trouble without them! It’s never too late to start practicing good bone health.”

“Practicing Good Bone Health” is part of a free series of special topics classes offered monthly at Curves. Other free classes also offered each month include a 90-minute Start-Up Class to teach the basics of the Curves Weight Management Plan, and a 30-minute Phase 3 Class to teach the last and most important phase of the plan — and the secret that makes the plan work. More studied than any other program, Curves’ classes are based on the groundbreaking new research findings of the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory at Texas A&M University.

Now, the women of Fillmore can learn the powerful secret that has helped millions of women lose millions of pounds and keep them off for good. Classes are free to members and non-members. For more information and a
full schedule of class dates and times, contact Denise Johnson at 805 524-0337 or