Free Mini Screenings Offered at Centers for Family Health throughout Ventura County

Ventura, CA. - Heart disease continues to be the No. 1 killer of American men and women. Last year 750,000 American died from heart disease and almost half had no symptoms prior to their first event, which was death. To help you reach the goal of preventing this from happening to you, Community Memorial Health System is offering free HeartAware screenings at its Centers for Family Health offices monthly.

The free screenings take place at the following Centers for Family Health locations on the following Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.:
 Dec. 11 – at 3641 W. 5th St., Oxnard;
 Jan. 29 – at 138 West Main Street, Ste. E, Ventura;
 Feb, 26 – at 120 N. Ashwood Ave., Ventura;
 March 26 – at 2361 E. Vineyard Ave., Oxnard;
 April 30 – at 2921 S. Saviers Rd., Oxnard.

The Mini HeartAware screening is designed to determine your risk factors for developing heart disease which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Once a HeartAware risk assessment is taken, each participant is given a personalized and confidential report that indicates their overall risk of developing cardiovascular disease, as well as ways to reduce it.

The mini HeartAware screening includes: Total cholesterol and glucose for non-fasting and for fasting with appointments: total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL and glucose, bilateral blood pressure, rhythm check if needed, cardiac auscultation, weight, fat percentage and BMI. Also offered is individualized education towards achieving optimal cardiac well being of health.

There are no advance requirements necessary; however, reservations to each scheduled event are limited. Call 805/667-2818 or go to to schedule your heart screening.

Centers for Family Health is a member of Community Memorial Health System, a not-for-profit health system, which is comprised of Community Memorial Hospital, Ojai Valley Community Hospital, and nine family-practice health centers entitled Centers for Family Health. The health system is located in Ventura County, California.