Fillmore Senior Center News

The Savvy Care Giver Support Group. Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregiver Support Groups are designed to provide emotional, educational and social support for caregivers through regularly scheduled meetings. They help participants develop methods and skills to solve problems. The groups encourage caregivers to maintain their own personal, physical and emotional health, as well as optimally care for the person with dementia. The Fillmore Senior Centers will be starting a Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support group beginning Monday May 14, 2012 at 9:A.M.. From then on the support group will meet on the 2nd & 4th Mondays each month from 9:00 – 10:30 A.M. To Join the support group or request placing your name on a list to attend another “Savvy Care Giver Class” please call 805-524-4533 .
AARP Driver Safety Class April 16 & April 19. from 9-1pm The two, 4-hour classes are sponsored by AARP. The class is designed to help individuals tune up their driving skills and refresh all the rules of the road. This is especially handy if your drivers license is about to expire and you might have to take the written test again. It’s surprising how many rules we have actually forgotten and just gotten away with. The class fee is $12 for AARP member and $14 for non-members. Please, call and let us know your coming 524-4533
Sketching Class is being taught by Virginia Neuman, a graduate of Chelsea School of Art, London, She is currently teaching a drawing class every Monday morning at 10 A.M. here at the Fillmore Senior Center. She is taking her students through the basics of drawing: covering shading, perspective, how to observe and composition, among other things. Her goal is for her students to eventually be comfortable in drawing anything they wish on their own, and be happy with the results. New students to the class. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of out own Fillmore Artist, with out having to travel 20 miles to a College.
Care to Donate a Ping Pong Table ? If anyone has a ping pong table (preferably with wheels, & folds up) If it’s just taking up space. We would love to have one at the Senior Center. And, while were asking, how about a Pool Table! Give us a call 524-4533.

Scheduled Activities & Programs
Open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Phone 524-4533
9:00 Coffee and Pastries
( Compliments of Starbucks & Super A)
*Depending on availability the Computer Room is open to Seniors
11:30 Lunch Monday through Thursday Only
Thursday’s April 12th. 2012
8:30 Open Computer Room
9:00 Yoga Class
10:00 Watercolor Class
10:30 Women’s WII Bowling
Friday’s April 13th. 2012
8:30 Open Computer Room
9:30 Seniorsize Class
10:00 Busy Hands
10:30 Co-Ed Wii Bowling
11:30 No Lunch on Friday
Saturday/Sunday April 14 & 15th
Fillmore’s Annual Flower Show
Open to the public
1:00pm -4:00pm
Monday’s April 16th. 2012
8:00 Senior Walk
8:00-10 Open Computer Room
8:45 Tai Chi Class
9:00 Dementia Support Group
10:00 Sketching Class
10:00 Computer Tutor by appointment only
10:30 Seniorcize Class
Tuesday’s April 17th. 2012
9:00 Yoga Class
10:00 - 1:00 Bingo/Loteria
10:00 -11:30 Art Composition Class
11:30 Salad Bar Only
(Seniors $3.00 / Non Seniors $5.00 Donation)
Wednesday’s April 18th. 2012
8:00 Open Computer Room
9:15 -10:15 Zumba Gold
10:30 -11:30 Line Dancing
11:30 Lunch