Fillmore Senior Center News

Senior Center Library
The library at the Senior Center needs an additional bookshelf to accommodate new books. Anyone who has one to donate to the Center should call 524-4533 or Marie Wren, 524-4044.

Volunteer Training
Volunteers working in the kitchen and salad bar will be taking a training class on May 17th so everyone is conforming to the County rules for handling food.

Senior Attendance
The attendance at the Center for April was 956, plus those the desk “let slip by” without signing the daily log. That averages 44 people a day using the facilities. (We are hoping to get to 1000 before summer is over.) We hope you will come and join the fun and stay to help with programs.

Sarah Hansen
The Senior Center is honored that our book club and nature hike leader, Sarah Hansen, was chosen as Fillmore Distinguished Citizen for 2009. Looking at the list of her things, we are lucky she has time to add us to her schedule. Congratulations Sarah!

Busy Hands
The Busy Hands group is working on lots of different things with knitting and crochet ahead most of the time. Donna Voelker does an outstanding job of keeping everyone on track with their patterns and completing their project.

The Senior Center will be taking charge of their fireworks stand this year with Gloria Hansen working with Jeff Washburn and Kevin Donohue. Now is the time to contact one of them and sign up to work a couple of shifts selling fireworks. We need the income from this stand to help maintain the Center and its many activities.