Fillmore Senior Center News

We now have a Web page on the City of Fillmore Web Site where you can see our
Weekly Calendar Containing Activities & Special Classes here at the Senior Center.
The Alzheimer’s Association that is offering “The Savvy Caregiver Program”, has had to reschedule the class to September 13th. This is a FREE, “12 HOUR Class” broken down to 4 three hour sessions to help families dealing with family members or friends that have Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. This class is worth taking it will help both the “caregiver” & the patient to have a better life. You don’t have to be a “licensed caregiver” to take the class. The only way we can have this class is if we have at least 10 people signed up. If your interested or know someone, Please phone Norma Featherston, Area Director, at the Alzheimer's Association, (805) 484-6028 to register or call the Senior Center at 524-4533
The Long awaited “GOURD CLASS” Sponsored by The Channel Islands Gourds Society will be will be starting September 6th. We can only have 15 in the class. So if your interested please call the Fillmore Senior Center at 524-4533 and resister for the Class.
Braille Mobile will be at the Senior Center, Tuesday August 23rd. from 10 am - 1:30 pm. Braille’s Mobile Solution Van brings information about their free programs and services directly to our community. Mobile solutions provides the following: Magnification and lighting demonstrations and one-on one consultation with their low vision professionals, Adaptive products for purchase, including talking watches, writing guides and large-print calendars, The Institute has arranged for a tape recorder and tapes to be at the Senior Center library, anyone with a sight problem is welcome to come in and try the “Talking Books.” No appointment is necessary but to schedule an appointment call 524-4533.
“SENIORCIZE” Sponsored by “SCAN” in cooperation with, Fillmore Senior Center and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. What is Seniorcize, This is an exciting twice a week class designed for seniors. It will address a whole range of issues common to seniors such as: Difficulty moving around, getting in and out of chairs. Are your joints a source of pain? Improve your Diabetes control, blood pressure and bone strength. Decrease the risk of falls and increase muscle strength, endurance and energy for each day. Minimum of 15 is needed to start this class!
For Class Information Please Call 524-4533 to register.
When: Monday & Friday Starting Friday, September 9th thru Monday November 21st.
Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Where: Monday @ Fillmore Senior Center, 533 Santa Clara, Fillmore
Friday @ St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 1048 West Ventura Street, Fillmore.