Fillmore Senior Center News

Sept. 15th- The Braille Institute is offering a Vision Impaired Class from 12:15am to 1:15 at the Fillmore Senior Center. If you know friends who are blind or legally blind, have Tunnel Vision, Cataracts or other conditions leading to cloudy vision, please encourage them to come. This is NOT A “Braille” class, it is teaching skills for a more independent and fulfilling life.

Registration is now being excepted for the new fall computer classes, schedule below
New Beginning computer class starts Monday Sep. 13th. From 10a.m.- 11:30
MS Word 7 class begins Sept. 17th from 10 A.M.-11:30
Please call or come in to sign up for the class. 524-4533

AARP driving class begins on Monday Sept. 13th and Thursday Sept.16th the fees are $12
For AARP members and $14.00 for non-members. Class is required every 3 years to receive discount on insurance.

Scrapbooking is now taking place of paper craft and with be on Mondays instead of Fridays @ 10 am

Sept. 3rd- Spanish class begins from 9:00-10:00.

Sept.10th- Book Club- The book club will have a special guest ( Sheryl Stewart) join them at their book club meeting. Sheryl was born and raised in the south and was raised by a nanny and is going to share her experiences.