Fillmore Senior Center News


Thursday, July 18th. Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Group (in English) meets in the Library from 9-10:30 AM
Jueves, Julio 18th. "El Grupo en Español de Alzeimer y Demencia se reúne en la biblioteca de 10:30-11:30 AM

Thursday July 11th AARP Drivers Safety Program Part 2 continues 9:00 – 1:00 for those who already participated in part one, on July 8th.

July 16th The Book Club is taking a trip to Rancho Camulos. Please meet here at the Fillmore Senior Center by 9:30 AM. Marie Wren will be Directing the Tour. Rancho Camulos is a popular tourist destination and famous as the “Home of Ramona” This is a rare opportunity to step back in time to see and experience Southern California much as it was in the 19th. and 20th Centuries. There is a small charge of $5 per person, this is going to be a VIP tour so it will be longer than usual. Besides it’s a nice time to get outdoors and meet some nice people.

Tai Chi is offered every Monday at 8:50 AM – 9:50 Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art made up of a series of graceful movements, one transitioning smoothly into the next. I found an article by Dr. Komaroff sometime ago. He wrote about one of his Medical School colleagues Dr. Peter Wayne. Dr Wayne discusses “Eight Active Ingredients” of Tai Chi. Some of which were; “Awareness” The slow deliberate movements and attention to breath, body positions and sensations foster intense self-awareness. “Intention, Imagery and Visualization” contribute to the healing and physiological effects of tai chi. “Structural integration”, Viewing the body as a whole, instead of a collection of independent parts. “Active Relaxation” Tai Chi’s circular, flowing motion helps shift the body and mind into deeper levels of relaxation. “Strengthening and Flexibility” The integrated movements improve balance, increase lower body strength and promotes strong bones. Slow, continuous, relaxed and repetitive movement enhances flexibility. And in contrast to some other exercises, tai chi is very easy on you joints. . Our class is taught by Dan Roatcap. Dan is a 1973 graduate of Fillmore High School. He started Martial Arts when he was18, then started practicing Tai Chi in 2005. He became a teacher 4 years ago doing Yang Style Tai Chi Chu’an, as taught by the Tung family.

533 Santa Clara Street, Fillmore, CA 93015 Phone # 524-4533
Open from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m
Lunch: Monday- Friday 11:15 Call 524-3756 by 10:30 if your having Lunch
Regular Scheduled Activities & Programs

Thursday, July 11TH. 2013 Friday, July 12TH. 2013 Monday July 15th. 2013
8:30 Open Computer Room 8:30 Open Computer Room 8:00 Senior Walk
9:00 Yoga Class 9:00 Spanish Class 8:50 Tai Chi Class
9:00 Pt 2 AARP Drivers Class 9:00 Senior Chair Exercise 10:00 Sketching Class
10:00 Watercolor Class 10:30 Senior Chair Exercise

Tuesday, July 16th. 2013 Wednesday, July 17th. 2013
8:30-12:45 Open Computer Room 9:00 - 10:30 Busy Hands (knitting & Crochet)
9:00-10:00 Yoga Class 10:00 Book Club not today
9:30 Rancho Camulos Trip 10:00 - 10:30 Line Dancing (Beginners only)
10:00 -12:50 Bingo 10:30 - 11:30 Line Dancing (Beginners/Advanced)
10:00 -11:30 Mixed Media Collage Class