Emergency cooling center available

The Fillmore Senior Center at 533 Santa Clara Street is one of the designated Cooling Centers for our area. The other place is the Boys and Girls Club. These emergency cooling centers will be opened by the Fire Department and City when temps are 100 and above between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. A sign will be place outside to show the Cooling Center is open. Channel 10 will also provide this information. Ice and cold water will be available for those needing a cool place to rest during the day.

Seniors needing transportation to the Senior Center for emergency cooling may call VISTA at 524-2319 for assistance from their home to the Emergency cooling center available Center and return. Many seniors live without air conditioning and need a cooling place during excessive heat and the Senior Center is open for their use.

The TV, library and other activities will be available for their entertainment while they are there. During the
week, a noon meal will also be served under the senior nutrition program. Please encourage your family and neighbors to use the emergency cooling center when they need it and assist them in calling the bus for transportation. There is no reason that any senior should develop health problems from excessive heat.