Class helps vision loss

The Fillmore Senior Center, the Braille Institute of Santa Barbara and the Fillmore Lions Club are combining resources to assist local citizens of all ages with vision problems to improve their lives.

A class was held at the Center last week to assist those with vision loss to learn how to live a more fulfilling life. If there is sufficient interest, the classes will continue on Monday for several weeks at 10 a.m. to teach grocery shopping and cooking, reading, writing , grooming and personal care for those will vision loss. This class will be taught by an instructor from Santa Barbara so people can learn to adjust their habits. learn new ways of doing things and continue being able to take care of themselves as their sight deteriorates.

The Braille Mobile unit comes to the Center every two months. They will help test for sight loss and recommend items that might be a help to each individual. They have several things for sale from watches to magnifying glasses. You may call the Center for an appointment 524-4533 the next time they come to Fillmore in October.
The library at the Center has a “reader” and several talking books that the sight impaired may try. If they are interested in securing a reader for their home use, the Center will be able to give them information about ordering a unit from the Braille Institute. It is always good to be able to try new things before ordering. The Institute will ship a reader and your choice of books without charge.

There is a new computer program that enlarges everything on the computer screen so it is more easily read. The Center library computer now has this program installed for a 60 day trial. The program is available for purchase if it suits the needs for a vision impaired member of your household.

ZOOM TEXT also has a large print keyboard and the two will provide the best magnification and reading for any computer.

A new machine that magnifies any printed material, newspapers and magazines will be installed in the library soon. By placing the material in a special slot, it is enlarged and shown on a screen.

The Lions Clubs have long had SIGHT as their main emphasis all over the world. The Fillmore club will be working with the Senior Center and the Braille Institute to make life easier for those with vision problems. If you have friends or a family member who is loosing their sight, there are many ways to help them. For additional information contact the Senior Center.