Winners of the AVID Write-Off competition

Congratulations to the Fillmore HS winners in the AVID Write-Off contest for Region VIII! In Ventura County, there were over 200 submissions in the competition and Fillmore students placed in three grade level categories – an excellent showing for our school within Ventura County!
Winners for Fillmore HS were Elaina Olague (12th grade) who placed 2nd of all 12th graders who entered; Alejandra Castaneda who placed 3rd among all 11th graders; Michael Borahona who won Honorable Mention in the10th grade category, and Ashley Pech who placed 3rd among all 9th graders.
The AVID program stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination” and is a program offered in most states to develop students’ awareness of college opportunities during these important years. Fillmore HS offers AVID courses at all grade levels, and by 12th grade, we proudly have a 100% rate of college acceptances! This incredible program is taught during the day as an elective course by Paul Fitzgerald (9th and 10th grade AVID) and by Erin Moriarty (11th and 12th grade AVID). Erin also serves as the Fillmore HS AVID coordinator, representing our school in AVID Region VIII activities.