Where’s the Turf?
The football field's brand new artificial turf has been removed.
The football field's brand new artificial turf has been removed.

The Gazette received some secondhand information concerning the removal of the new turf at FHS and passed it along to FUSD for verification. This was the prompt response we received, and we thank them.
“Thank you for taking the time for checking the facts of the turf removal. It appears your source had second hand information and consequently was a little off the mark. The main issue for the removal of the turf was not because of tearing but rather the binding of the individual turf strands to the backing.
To insure the highest quality synthetic turf possible, the Architects wrote specifications requiring a “Turf Bind” of 8 pounds. (Turf Bind is measured by a “Pull Test” measuring the amount of pull (in pounds of force) needed to separate the blades of turf from the primary and secondary backing materials). This value indicates the relative ability of the fiber to remain in place during use, and throughout the life of the product. The industry minimum recommended by the Synthetic Turf Council is 6.0 lbs. The test results received after the turf was installed indicate Turf Bind values between 3.80 and 4.40 lbs. The concern with the low test results relates to the regular and ongoing use of the field as well as the safety of the users. Therefore, we requested the turf be removed and installed per the Contract Specifications.
The turf is being installed to industry norms. The gravel base is part of the drainage design for this type of turf. The gravel allows for the permeability required to keep water from building up on the turf surface and flow into a system of subterranean drainage pipes. The sand and rubber granules are blown onto the surface between the fibers during the final phase of the installation.
It is truly unfortunate the turf did not come into the specifications and Astro-Turf has accepted responsibility to replace the turf at no additional cost to the District.
Thank you again for checking with the District for the facts, feel free to contact me or Michael Bush regarding any of the facilities at the district.
Bob Sube
Director Facilities and Construction
Fillmore Unified School District”