Ventura College Commencement
50 Graduates from Fillmore; 4 from Piru

The Ventura College 78th Annual Commencement Ceremony was held at the Athletic Event Center on the Ventura College Campus on Wednesday, May 14. Ventura College’s graduation was held on the same day as Oxnard College, and Moorpark College’s was held on May 15. More than 1,162 students have earned 1,369 degrees and certificates, and so are eligible to be recognized. There are fifty students who are Fillmore residents and four who are Piru graduates among those earning their degrees and certificates. The day’s events included the traditional graduation breakfast, the processional ceremony and a reception for the graduates and their families. Two sign-language interpreters were utilized during the graduation ceremony, and an interpreter was available upon request for the other events.
Commencement began at 1:30 p.m. Dr. Robin Calote, Ventura College President, addressed the group. The Chair of the Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustees Dr. Larry Miller, Vice Chair Robert O. Huber, trustees Stephen P. Blum, Cheryl Heitmann and Arturo D. Hernández, the Chancellor of the Ventura Community College District, Dr. James M. Meznek, the Academic Senate President Kathryn Schoenrock, the Classified Senate President Barbara Cogert, and Ms. Juliana Hernández, the outgoing president of the Associated Students of Ventura College, made brief remarks as well. Four faculty and staff members announced the graduates.
The Ventura College President’s Office hosted the post-ceremony reception for the graduates, their family, faculty and staff.
Among the graduates at this year’s events were Deborah Thompson, a resident of Fillmore, who said, “When I started college at age 18, I wasn’t sure which college classes to take, so I took just the classes that interested me, not the classes that would help me transfer to a four year university. The first time I went back to school was to get my certificate in child development. I’ve been going to school on and off for many years, taking one class at a time. I took 2006 off to care for my ill husband, who made me promise to go back to school. I will be receiving my associate degree in Child Development and an associate degree in Liberal Studies. I am still taking the last classes I need to transfer to the University of LaVerne. Being busy has helped me with my grief over the loss of my husband. Besides having a career to be proud of, I will enjoy teaching. I will be honoring my husband and my mother, who always supported me, as I graduate from Ventura College and transfer on.”
The Ventura College 2008 graduates from Fillmore and Piru are:
Fillmore: Nicole Marie Acosta, Rosalba Aragon, Jose Angel Arellano, Julie A. Arroyo, Jennifer Brock, Shawn Phillip Burson, Jacqueline Carlos, Victor Castillo, Desiry Jessica Cisneros, Stacie Cooke, Kaitlyn Couch, Alyssa Brianne Cruz, Natalie Diaz, Brandon Duff, Stephanie Escoto, Leticia Felix, Mayra Felix, Veronica Garcia, Anthony Grande, Arturo Hernández, Yurema Landeros, Christina Larson, Teresa Lupercio, Maria L. Magana, Terra Marsh, Berta Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Juliette Martinez, Jose Munoz, Namiko Oniki, Omar Ortiz, Nathan Page, Nikole Ramirez, Jonathan Rangel, Scott Reeder, Roque Mauricio Rivera, Diana Rojo, Kimberly Ruiz, Blanca Sanchez, Guadalupe Sanchez, Blanca Sandoval, Julie R. Sandoval, Christina Stevens, James Stevens, Renae Stovesand, Deborah Lynn Thompson, Dana L. Turner, Berta Vassaur, Diana Zamora, Farrah Zavala
Piru: Violeta Lemus, Maria E. Medina, Alex Melendez, Jose Mendez, Jr.