Oversight Committee Members Sought

The Fillmore Unified School District Board of Education is seeking volunteers to serve on the Measure V Citizens Bond Oversight Committee in accordance with Education Code 15266, Board Policy Administrative Regulation AR 7214, and Board Resolution 15-16-25.

The committee will review bond expenditures and report to the public whether these funds are being properly spent on school construction as specified in the measure approved by the voters. The committee will meet quarterly and consist of a minimum of seven members including, but not limited to one representative from each of the following groups: an active member of a business organization representing the business community located within the district, active member of a senior citizens’ organization, active member of a bona fide taxpayers’ organization, parent/guardian of a FUSD student, and another parent/guardian of a FUSD student who is also active in a parent-teacher organization. No employee, official, vendor, contractor or consultant of the district shall be appointed to the Citizens Oversight Committee. Committee members will serve at least one two-year term. The committee will be selected by the Fillmore Unified School District Board of Education and committee meetings will be announced and open to the public.

If you are interested in applying for membership on this committee, please complete a Bond Oversight Committee Interest Form which can be obtained from the FUSD District Office, Business Services Department located at 627 Sespe Avenue, Fillmore, or see the District’s website at www.fillmoreusd.org.