News Flashes
Vol. #5

Vol. #5

On September 11th, Yanelli Cobian was honored by Sonrise Pre-School during its Hero Day Celebration. Just a few weeks earlier, Principal Tricia Gradias had been hit by a car before the start of the school day. An alert Yanelli called 911 and reported the accident while she was on her way to school. Due to Yanelli’s decisive action, Mrs. Gradias was able to receive immediate medical assistance. Fire Chief, Rigo Landeros commended Yanelli on her quick thinking and told the many pre-schoolers in attendance that they too can be heroes.
Fillmore’s Finest
(The best of the best)

Staff: Nichia Huxtable and Joe Woods
Athletes: Erica Ruiz and Jose Rodriguez
Academics: Ismael Dominguez and Montserrat Infante
Volunteer: Mr. Fitzgerald

Classroom Corner
One of the newest additions to Fillmore High School is the weekly Fillmore High School News (FHSN) report. Every Friday, students and staff tune in to watch highlights of the week in academics, activities and athletics. The FHSN is made entirely from students in the Video Production class. Students work in various teams to produce this weekly show. The teams range from camera and lighting, production manager, reporter, animations and editing, makeup, to script writer.
In addition to the weekly news show the Video Productions class will be putting out an online newspaper with articles written by students regarding school and teen activities. Videos and the online newspaper articles will be archived on the Fillmore High School website for everyone to view.

Dominique Alamillo-Diaz and Mr. Dehn work on creating a back drop for the Fillmore High School News

RJ Jauregui, Valeria Garcia, Omar Lara, and Mr. Greg Dehn edit the first installment of the Fillmore High School News.

The Fillmore High School News being filmed live on the set of “Studio 49”.

Athletes in Action
On September 12th, the Fillmore Flashes took on the Oak Park Eagles in the continuation of a longtime rivalry. The Varsity Football team struck first and often like a streaking bolt of lightning lighting up the scoreboard. The scoring was attributed to stellar line play which led to over 500 yards in rushing yards. The stingy Blue Dart defense held its opponent scoreless until the final minutes when the game was out of reach. The Varsity now has a 2-1 record as it takes on arch rival Santa Paula this week.
In other sports action, the JV Football team now has a perfect record of 3-0 after it dominated play on both sides of the ball versus the JV Eagles. The game was close at the half until the JV wore down its opponent with a lethal ground attack.

The varsity football final score.

Pregame varsity stretch routine

JV Head Coach Tafoya speaks to the team after its big win.

The JV football final score.

The JV football team lining up to run a play from scrimmage.

Girls Golf was victorious over visiting Pacifica High School last week at Elkin’s Golf Course. The girls played well and used team consistency to defeat the Tritons of Pacifica.

9/19 Cross Country @ Woodbridge Invitational
9/19 Football Santa Paul @ Filllmore
9/23 Girls Golf vs La Reina
9/23 Girls Volleyball vs Foothill Tech
9/24 Cross Country at Tri-Valley League Meet 1
9/25 Girls Volleyball vs Cate
9/26-9/27 Cross Country at Stanford Inv.
9/26 Football vs Santa Ynez


Last Thursday was Back to School Night. Parents were greeted by a presentation in the gym featuring the Mighty Fillmore Marching Band. After the presentation, parents and families visited their student’s classes and learned about the course expectations.
The night was considered a success by many due to a marked increase in attendance over last year’s Back to School Night.

9/15-9/19 Santa Paula Game Spirit Week
9/19 ASB Food Day
9/29-10/2 Homecoming Float Building
10/2 Homecoming Food Day
10/3 Homecoming Rally/Parade
10/4 Homecoming Dance

(Fillmore’s Newest Staff)

The Flashlite of the week is Lacey Cassidy. She is a graduate of Fillmore High School and is very excited about returning to serve her alma mater. Lacey knew she wanted to be a teacher since the age of five. She enjoys the tight community of Fillmore and the wholesome values that are emphasized here. Lacey’s favorite color is blue and she likes to eat Mexican food.

Important Dates
9/23 School Site Council
9/24 ELAC Meeting
9/24 Secondary Advisory Meeting
10/1 PTO Meeting