High School in Review
Natalie Garnica
Natalie Garnica
Student, Fillmore High School

The month of November has been eventful at FHS. To start off the month we had a CSF Club sponsored mock election on the 4th for the seniors. Each senior cast their vote on a ballot that included the presidential candidates, Proposition 2, Proposition 4, and Proposition 8. Votes were counted by CSF club officials and the “results” were that Barack Obama won with a ratio of approximately 3:1, both Prop 2 and Prop 4 passed by a wide margin. The senior class did not pass Proposition 8, although it was a close race. The election also served to remind eligible seniors to cast their official ballots later that day.

Fillmore High worked hard to put their best foot forward for the state Western Accreditation of Schools and Colleges, the organization that determines whether or not Fillmore High diplomas are legitimate. WASC review happens every six years or so for all schools, and provides a great opportunity to review our progress as a school. For three days committee members interviewed teachers, staff, and students, observed every classroom, and wrote a report that will determine our accreditation.

A Renaissance Rally also took place during the week of the WASC review, and included skits from students and teachers, the presentation of awards for the top ten students of each grade, and some great speeches from Mr. Andersen and Coach Woods that rallied the students for the game against Desert High.

Over sixty students donated blood that week, a record for the school. Another record was set by the senior class – they sold over 1500 pies, beating last years class by several hundred and they thank the community for being so supportive of Grad Nite Live.

Our varsity football team beat Brentwood High on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and has moved on to the semi-finals of CIF. They will travel four hours on Saturday to play Twentynine Palms, and we wish them the best of luck! There will be a rooter bus and tickets are fifteen dollars – if you wish to buy a ticket contact Lynn at the student store.

For more information, call the Student Store at 52.