Grizzly Challenge

The Grizzly Challenge Academy is now taking applications from students for next semester. This popular military-style, self esteem boosting program located at California National Guard base in San Luis Obispo admits students who are deficient in credits, have low G.P.A.’s or want to get away from negative influences. The program is 5 1/2 months long and students can earn home passes. Mentors and parents can visit, too.
Grizzly is an accredited through Paso Robles School District. A student can earn between up to 45 credits in 5 ½ months time. The majority of students come back with a 3.5 to 4.0 GPA!
There are counselors on site, students are taken on field trips and exposed to a variety of community service-oriented opportunities, including helping senior citizens and beach clean-ups.
Several students, both males and females, have successfully graduated from the Grizzly Youth Challenge program and have come back to graduate at their Ventura County Schools. This excellent program worth over $17,000 is FREE to males and female students ages 16 through 18½ who turn in a completed student and mentor application.
Grizzly is on a first-come, first-serve basis and fills up quickly as students from all over California can apply. The applications are being accepted now for the next session – Hurry before all spaces are taken! Students MUST have completed applications, personal interviews and a visit to the academy long done before the entry date. Those person’s interested in making a positive change in their lives can call Norma Pérez-Sandford, Fillmore High School Counselor, as soon as possible to ensure a spot for next semester at (805) 524-6114 or 524-4999 to get help completing the application. Parents are encouraged to call and get answers to their questions.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to get back on track, give yourself a chance and make that call!
Get going now, before another semester digs you into a hole, worse than before!!