Go For The Gold!

The Fillmore High School class for students with severe disabilities participated in the Special Olympics on Saturday, April 18 at Nordoff High School in Ojai. The students participated in the school based Olympics with other teams from across the county. Events included the softball/tennis ball throw, the standing long jump, the 50/100 meter run and the wheelchair races. Pictured are Anna Maldonado and Leo Magana (Leonardo Magana 25M walk (silver) and softball throw (gold) - Anna Maldonado 100M run (gold) and softball throw, gold); and Jacob Gaither, 50M run (silver) and softball throw (gold). Total list of winners: Susana Suarez 50M run (silver) and softball throw (gold); David Hynes 30 M Wheelchair slalom (gold), read the Special Olympics oath in opening ceremony; Lorena Perez 30 M Wheelchair slalom (silver), tennis ball throw (gold); Tiffany Everettson 100 M run (gold), softball throw (silver); Jessica Ramirez tennis ball drop (gold), 25 M assisted walk (gold); Jose Hernandez 25 M assisted walk (gold), softball throw (silver); Kislev Valenzuela 10 M wheelchair race (silver), tennisball drop (silver).