First Steps to High School Life

July 31st marked the official date that ASB officers, juniors and seniors, started their training for freshman orientation. These dedicated students took time out of their summer to help guide incoming freshman and to teach them the confidence to be a Fillmore High School student. The Orientation began the following day bright and early in the morning, the heat slowly grew overhead. Volunteers arrived an hour earlier than the incoming freshman, getting ready to register . . . setting the scene for the official Orientation. When the clock struck 9:00am in came nervous-looking freshman faces. The Orientation began officially with motivational speaker Keith Hawkins, giving one of his trademark romantic speeches about high school life, emphasizing its spiritual nuances. As Hawkins set the scene, the freshman grew more comfortable by the minute. Following a brief exchange of games, laughs, and upper classmen reflection, the freshmen were off with their assigned groups of upper classmen leaders. The following hours consisted of all classmen alike providing personal details and getting to know each other better through games and other activities. The day wrapped up with upper classmen leaders giving their expertise on campus life. Welcome to Fillmore High School Class of 2018.