Fillmore Unified School District Long-Range Facilities Plan

The Fillmore Unified School District Board of Trustees commissioned a Long-Range Facilities Plan in the fall of 2015 aimed at providing the District with a tool that would ensure that all facility needs and learning environments would be met in the most educationally responsive and cost-effective manner possible. A Long-Range Facilities Master Plan is a long-range planning document that helps guide the District in its facility use, design, construction and capital renewal activities over the years and is updated periodically.

The development of a Facilities Master Plan is an integral task to assist the Fillmore Unified School District with maintaining their existing campuses and planning required facilities to best support a successful educational program. PBK – S.I.M. Architects was enlisted to assist the District with looking ahead ten (10) years to develop a Facilities Master Plan that would define facility needs at each of the District’s campuses and support facilities. The Fillmore Unified School District’s Board of Trustees has established facilities as one of its strategic goals and has tasked the District’s leadership with envisioning the types of spaces necessary to support 21st-century student learning while addressing immediate needs for the District’s existing facilities.

The specific purpose and goals of the Fillmore Unified School District’s Facilities Master Plan are as follows:

Assess the physical conditions of all sites and determine the “needs” for repair and replacement, prioritized based on the critical nature of the improvements.
Assess educational suitability and functionality of school sites and identify specific requirements for future upgrades and additions.
Identify priority projects for each site based on the educational needs of the campus.
Determine the costs associated with the development of each campus master plan.
Develop a Capital Plan that is fiscally sound that includes state, federal, local funding opportunities.
Prioritize all identified projects, both repair “needs” and educational “wants” based on criteria developed and set forth within the context of the process.

The Master Plan will address guiding principles for preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school campus levels, which will include demographics, financial plan, safety and security, technology, athletics, transportation, educational specifications and districtwide construction standards, sustainability and NextGeneration/21st Century Learning.

Include community engagement and involvement throughout the entire planning process.

Create a Comprehensive Long Range Facilities Master Plan that will be a living, “breathing”, document that is easily updated and revised, as well as easily interpreted for future project development.

This Facilities Master Plan is conceived as a ‘roadmap’ to achieve the educational goals of the Fillmore Unified School District. This comprehensive document is intended to be flexible and will be updated periodically as the District’s needs change and become more refined. The campus transformations envisioned by the District document to support “Next Generation” learning are forward-thinking, well-conceived and is designed to benefit all students for generations to come.

Facilities plays an integral part in our District’s mission to ensure that “Every day we develop high-performing students who become engaged and productive members of society.” It is an exciting time for Fillmore Unified School District as we formulate a Long-Range Facilities Master Plan to address immediate needs and look into the not-too-distant future to ensure that our students and staff have optimal environments for teaching and learning.