Fillmore High School Report Card

Submitted by Tom Ito, Fillmore High School Principal

Advance Placement Exams
# Students Tested - 2014 (144); 2017 (254)
# Exams Taken - 2014 (247); 2017 (416)
Drop Out Rate - 2014 (8%); 2017 (0.5%)
Graduation Rate - 2014 (86%); 2017 (99.95%)
Enrollment - 2015 (940); 2017 (1080)
CELDT - 2014 (157); 2017 (70)
Suspension - 2014 (161); 2017 (35)
A-G - 2014 (15%); 2017 (46.6%); 2018 (+50%) estimated
Seal of Biliteracy - 2013 (13); 2018 (34)
Golden State Merit Diploma - 2013 (38); 2018 (51)
Valedictorians - 2013 (12); 2018 (19)

The above data shows the dramatic positive changes that have occurred over the recent years at Fillmore High School.
A big change has been in the numbers of students that have been suspended each year. With the lower number of suspensions comes a positive school climate where students feel free to learn in a safe environment. Students also rush to class, eager to learn each period and tardies are virtually non-existent. There has also been a noticeable rise in kindness and respect among staff and students.

Academic achievement data has, in many cases, increased three-fold. More students are challenging themselves in preparation for college. There has been an astronomical increase in students taking Advance Placement courses to the point where Fillmore High School ranks in the top 7% of schools in the nation. Another noteworthy statistic is the A-G rate (students eligible to attend a UC/CSU) which has tripled in a very short time. Fillmore High School is one of the leading schools in Ventura County in the A-G rate. Other areas that indicate an extreme swing of the proverbial pendulum are the number of students earning a Seal of Biliteracy, Golden State Merit Diploma and Valedictorians honors.

The final data sets are indicators that Fillmore High School believes in education for all and not just the elite students. The number of English Language Learner testing on the CELDT Exam has dropped each year meaning that students are becoming proficient in English at a very rapid rate. Almost all the students at Fillmore High School are graduating and very few are dropping out compared to five years ago. With the one of the highest graduation rates in the state, the message is clear that every student matters.

These statistics together point to the most telling number- increased enrollment. Students are not leaving Fillmore for other high schools as in the past. We are retaining our students and that includes the best and brightest. These top students are the ones that have earned high honors in the classroom and on the field of competition. To that end, consider an A-G of +50% and four CIF Titles in 2 years.

Go Flashes!