Fillmore High Alumni News

The Fillmore High Alumni Association and the Alumni Scholarship Foundation have announced the recipients of their 2008 scholarships to nine outstanding members of the senior class of Fillmore High School.

The recipients of the John and Nit Lemley Scholarship, which consists of two $3500 four year renewable scholarships, including a lap top computer, are Kassaundra Sandoval and Laura Orozco. Kassaundra and Laura will both attend U. C. San Diego, Kassaundra majoring in Biology and Laura in Civil Engineering.

The Dulcie Arnold $1000 scholarship was awarded to Andy Klittich, who will study Environmental Horticulture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

The Carl and Helen Siechert $1000 scholarship was awarded to Ashley Grande who will attend either U.C.L.A. or U.C. San Diego and major in Environmental Studies.

Christina Amezcua is also enrolled at U.C. San Diego and will major in Biology and minor in Sports Medicine. She received the American Legion $1000 scholarship.

Briana Rojo received the $1000 Masonic Temple Scholarship and will attend San Francisco State to enter the field of Nursing.

Julio Cesar Chavez was awarded the $750 Wm. Brisby Science Scholarship and will attend U.C. Berkeley to major in Biology.

Mariana Barajas received the Vernon and Arlene Nelson Scholarship in the amount of $750, and will attend U.C.L.A. and major in Sports Medicine.

Angelina Serna received the Stella Harthorn $750 scholarship and will attend U. C. Berkeley and major in Pre-Med.