FHS Aca Deca Team Earns 23 Medals at Ventura County Academic Decathalon
Claimed more than 8 Gold, 5 Silver, and 10 Broze Medals at the VC Academic Decathalon

Submitted By Coach Kellsie Mclain

The 2019 Ventura County Academic Decathlon competition concluded Saturday, February 2nd. This year the Fillmore High School team had 19 competitors who elected to compete in the 10 grueling categories of the decathlon. They competed against 200+ students from 19 other high schools in over 20 hours of strenuous competition. The results of their efforts were revealed on the evening of Monday February 4th at the annual awards ceremony. Our Flashes earned a total of 27 awards, with 23 medals and 4 special individual awards. The team won 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 10 bronze medals. For those who are unfamiliar with Academic Decathlon scoring, those results are GREAT! The FHS gold medalists outscored all other competitors in their divisions, the silver medalists had the second highest scores, and the bronze medalists had the third highest scores. The FHS Academic Decathlon program is in its fourth year since its inception, and this year marks the team’s best showing yet. Detailed results are below:

Gold Medals Earned (8)
Fatima Bazurto- Essay (White Division); Erin Overton- Speech (Blue Division); Nada Jacinto- Mathematics (Green Division); Wendy Carrillo- Language & Literature (Green Division); Mary Nunez- Music (Green Division); Fatima Bazurto- Economics (White Division); Wendy Carrillo- Economics (Green Division); Sebastian Lidikay- Science (White Division)

Silver Medals Earned (5)
Wendy Carrillo- Interview (Green Division); Sebastian Lidikay- Economics (White Division); Erin Overton- Language & Literature (Blue Division); Nada Jacinto- Science (Green Division); Nada Jacinto- Art (Green Division)

Bronze Medals Earned (10)
Nada Jacinto- Interview (Green Division;) Wendy Carrillo- Speech (Green Division); Wendy Carrillo- Mathematics (Green Division); Fatima Bazurto- Language & Literature (White Division); Mariam Bazurto- Music (White Division); Samuel Guzman- Economics (White Division); Nada Jacinto- Economics (Green Division); Michelle Higuera Serrano- Art (White Division); Faith De Ruchie- Art (Blue Division); Mary Nunez- Art (Green Division)

Special Recognition:
Erin Overton- Team Spirit Award; Michelle Higuera Serrano- Team Spirit Award; Fatima Bazurto- Highest Individual Team Score; Erin Overton- Highest Individual Team Score