Earth Day at San Cayetano

San Cayetano School held their annual celebration of Earth Day with the traditional Recycle Olympics and Earth Day awareness projects. This year Mr. Miech and Mrs. Overton collaborated with the Flashes Go Green club from Fillmore High School. With the help of club advisor, Kirk Richter, 20 students from the high school came to San Cayetano and helped run the different Olympic activities. Elementary students really look up to the high school kids and they had a ball getting the chance to hang out and play with them. They also had the opportunity to work with our students with special needs, helping them participate in the various activities. A good time was had by all! Many of the high school students (former San Cayetano students) remembered the Earth Day Olympics from their years at this school. San Cayetano students also collected plastic bottles and cans raising $160.00. This money was donated to the Arredondo Family from Piru, who tragically lost their daughter a few weeks ago.

We wanted to give a special thanks to Alfonso Martinez and Martha Hope who took all of the bottles and cans to the recycle center. Also, we want to once again give a special thanks to Otto and Sons Nursery and the Klittich family for donating two trees to our playground. They have donated close to 20 trees to San Cayetano over the past several years. These trees give us beauty and shade and the kids love to play marbles around the base of the trunks!