DTLA members vote yes for one-day work stoppage
Teachers will stay out of school on May 15 to protest layoffs and class-size increases

In the biggest UTLA ballot turnout in recent history, LAUSD teachers and health and human services professionals voted to authorize UTLA officers to call a one-day work stoppage in May. 73.84% of the members voted yes and 26.16% voted no. A total of 26,815 ballots were cast.
Votes were counted at UTLA headquarters on April 30. May 15 has been selected as the work stoppage date, to have the least conflict with month-long testing.
On April 14, the LAUSD School Board approved the layoffs of close to 4,000 teachers and health and human services professionals. UTLA is fighting the layoffs and class size increases, which will destroy school programs, cause staffing chaos at schools, undermine reform efforts, and lower graduation rates.
"This wasn't an easy decision for our teachers to make, but we were pushed into it by a superintendent who has decided to raise class size and bring chaos to schools even though the District has the money to maintain class sizes and avoid these layoffs," UTLA President A.J. Duffy says. "We have to stand up for our students because the District won't. But it's not too late—we're calling on the superintendent and the School Board to change course and make the right decision for our schools."
Last week, UTLA released information (posted on utla.net) that shows the money is there to stop the layoffs and class-size increases. UTLA is also pressing for the Title I funds to be used centrally so that all classroom jobs can be saved and class sizes kept at their 2008-2009 levels.
WHO: UTLA President A.J. Duffy and teachers with layoff notices
WHERE: Outside LAUSD Board Room
333 S. Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles 90017
WHEN: Today. May 1st 1 p.m.