Dear FHS Graduate, parents and families:

As you know, this year’s Commencement ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 12 at 7:00 p.m. I am sure you are also aware of the extensive construction that is in progress at the FHS stadium. This new artificial playing surface and nine-lane competition track will completely change the look of our campus and offer top-grade facilities for our students and community for generations to come.
The football field will be ready by graduation; however, the entire facility will not be completed. The entire area surrounding C-School is inaccessible, so detailed planning has been done in cooperation with the FUSD administration to coordinate the many changes which are necessary for this event as follows:
Before the ceremony
Parents and families: Parking will be limited to Central Ave., the HS parking lot at Shiells and 2nd St., and at the Middle School. 2nd Street will be completely blocked to vehicles and will be used only by the buses carrying the graduates. Access to the stadium will be through the Ticket Booth entrance for families beginning at 4:30 p.m. Wheelchair ramp is available by the Snack Bar. There is no access to the track or field for seating. Balloons will be checked in/out behind the Ticket Booth so visibility will not be blocked in the stands. Overflow crowds will stand behind the fence which separates the stands from the football field. There is only 4-5 feet clearance in the area and cannot be blocked in case of emergency.
Graduates, faculty and staff and archbearers: Graduates will meet at the FHS gym at 6:00 to line up to board buses for the traditional last ride. Buses will leave the Horseshoe area, then proceed up 2nd St. and line up to unload graduates on 2nd St. Graduates enter the stadium in pairs at the northeast gate on 2nd St. and proceed to the 50-yard line. FUSD School Board members, administrators, FHS faculty and staff follow archbearers up from the campus in pairs, enter the stadium at the southeast gate, and await the graduates’ arrival at the 50-yard line. As graduates approach from 2nd St., archbearers begin the processional around the track by splitting up at the 50-yd.line and rounding the track followed by school officials, faculty/staff, then the graduates. Archbearers stop on their marks to hold the arches for the processional then retire to sit by the Band.
After the ceremony
A recessional is necessary since there is no access to the field by the spectators. Faculty/staff lead the recessional out of the stadium followed by the graduates and exit through the southeast gate back to the gym where graduates will pick up their diplomas. Archbearers follow graduates out of the stadium then set up the arches in the circular plaza for photo opportunities for families and graduates. Crowd is invited to meet graduates at FHS circular plaza. Parents walk up 2nd St. to meet their graduates at the circular plaza for pictures and celebration. Graduates return to the Horseshoe by 9:30 p.m. for Grad Night Live.
Congratulations to every family on the graduation of your student! Thank you for your understanding and support of
Fillmore HS on this exciting occasion!
Rebecca Larkin, Principal; Dr. Mike Bush, Asst. Superintendent for Business Services.