Council Candidates speak at Sierra High School

During the week of October 27, Sierra High School was visited by seven candidates running for Fillmore City Council. Marcoz Hernandez, Steve Conaway, Norris Pennington, Royce Davis, Omero Martinez, Jamey Brooks, and Gayle Washburn spent time talking to students and sharing their visions for the future of Fillmore as well as the youth. Sierra High School students were very excited to have the opportunity to voice their concerns, ask questions, and offer a “youth perspective” on local politics. Cynthia Frutos, a teacher from Sierra High School stated, “This went really well in that we used nontraditional methods to teach students about Government, English, and Electives in this integrated unit. That is why we are an alternative school.” The students were honored in knowing that no where else in Fillmore Unified School District did the candidates talk to students. Sierra High School students held their own election on Monday, November 3rd and the following candidates received the most votes: Omero Martinez, Marcoz Hernandez, and Royce Davis. Sierra High School would like to thank all of the candidates for visiting and Isela Larin, The College and Career Technician, for making it all happen.