Class of 2015 Take The Lead

A new year and another successful rally for Fillmore High School. The first rally of the year is traditionally called the ‘Welcome Back” rally in which Fillmore High School students and staff welcome each other back to a new school year, one filled with excitement, hope and promise. The rally was held on Friday, August 22nd in the gym with delightful decorations done by ASB. The rally started as a flood of smiling and laughing students and their teachers took their place in the bleachers. Games and cheers were followed with blustering yells. One new yell introduced this year was the “ra-ra-ra” yell which instructed each class to holler “RA-RA-RA-RA” followed by their class title. Along with the new chant, new teachers were introduced as well as our new principal, Mr. Tom Ito. The rally ended with the ASB president, Kyle Medina, reciting our fight song. This year the senior class won the Welcome Back rally.