“The Stagecoach is Coming , The Stagecoach is Coming”

Yes, it is true, the Wells Fargo Stagecoach is coming to the Fall Carnival at San Cayetano Elementary School. The carnival will be on Thursday October 30th from 5-8 p.m. The Annual Fall Carnival is very special this year as it is being sponsored by Wells Fargo. The carnival benefits all four Fillmore and Piru elementary schools. The stagecoach will be available by 5PM and courtesy of Wells Fargo everyone who wishes may have the opportunity that they have always wanted--- to sit on a real stagecoach! Come and join the fun! This is truly a community event with support from our local fire and police departments, the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and our secondary students working for community service hours! See you on Thursday October 30th at 5 p.m.