Tony Strickland signs social security and medicare protection pledge
Pledges to repeal Pelosi's plan to take $741 billion from medicare

Oxnard, CA - Today, Senator Tony Strickland signed the Social Security and Medicare Protection pledge to oppose all efforts to change the sacred promise to Ventura County and American seniors.

“Ventura County seniors have worked hard and have paid for their Social Security and Medicare benefits” said Strickland. “As Congressman, my first priority will be to repeal the plan that steals over $700 billion from Medicare and restore that money. Medicare is going broke and by taking $741 billion from this very important program, Julia Brownley is making it worse. I’ll put Ventura County first and protect the benefits my neighbors and my parents depend on.”

The Social Security and Medicare protection pledge can be viewed by clicking here.

“Nancy Pelosi convinced Julia Brownley to move here from Los Angeles, and together with their liberal allies, immediately spent nearly $1 million distorting Ventura County leader Linda Parks’ position on Medicare,” added Jake Parsons, Strickland’s campaign manager. “Brownley’s dishonest and shameful attacks hide the fact that she supports devastating cuts to programs Ventura County seniors depend on.”

Tony Strickland’s first job was washing wheelchairs at a nursing home, instilling him with a deep passion for America’s greatest generation at a very young age. During an interview with Timm Herdt, State Editor of the Ventura County Star, Strickland indicated that he would have voted against the Medicare provisions in the Ryan Plan.

State Senator Tony Strickland was elected to the California State Senate representing parts of Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties in 2008. He previously served the area as a member of the State Assembly from 1998 to 2004. He is married to his wife of 14 years, Audra. Together they have two small children: Ruby Ruth and Anthony Paul.