Sen. Tony Strickland receives perfect score on California Taxpayers Association annual Legislative Voting Record

Sacramento, CA – The California Taxpayers Association has given Sen. Strickland (R-Moorpark) a 100% on their annual Legislative Voting Record.

“I’m honored to have once again received a perfect score from the California Taxpayers Association – I have always been and will continue to be an advocate for taxpayers throughout California,” Sen. Strickland said.

“One of my top priorities is making sure we maximize the precious tax dollars that come to Sacramento and stop reaching into the pockets of hardworking Californians every time we run out of cash,” Sen. Strickland added. “Instead of raising taxes yet again, we need to focus on job-creation and putting people back to work.”

Founded in 1926, the California Taxpayers Association has protected taxpayers from unnecessary taxation and has been a proponent of fiscal responsibility, standing firm against government inefficiency and mismanagement. Their 2012 Legislative Voting Record is based on the bills which would most affect California’s taxpayers and economy.

A copy of the California Taxpayers Association’s 2012 Legislative Voting Record can be found here.

Sen. Strickland is available to the media for an interview or comments.

Tony Strickland represents California Senate District 19, which includes portions of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties.