Governor Signs Runner-Sponsored Legislation to Regulate Medical Marijuana Industry

Sacramento - Governor Brown has signed legislation sponsored by Board of Equalization Vice Chair George Runner that, after nearly two decades, provides a regulatory framework for California's medical marijuana industry. The legislation (SB 643, AB 266, and AB 243) will go into effect beginning January 1, 2016.

"This regulatory package provides much-needed state oversight of the medical marijuana industry while recognizing that every California community is different," said Runner. "The new laws will help improve public safety and bring about greater tax compliance."

In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215, also known as the "Compassionate Use Act," making California the first state to legalize medical marijuana. However, during the nearly two decades that followed, all prior legislative attempts to regulate the medical marijuana industry failed.

"I'm pleased the governor realized the need for this important legislation," added Runner. "This regulatory structure is long overdue."

SB 643 was authored by Senator McGuire, AB 266 by Assemblymembers Bonta, Cooley, Jones-Sawyer, Lackey and Wood, and AB 243 by Assemblymember Wood.

George Runner represents more than nine million Californians as an elected member and Vice Chair of the State Board of Equalization. For more information, visit