Gorell Earns Endorsement from Ventura County Republican Party
Achieves United Support from Grassroots Republican Volunteers

Thousand Oaks, CA - The Ventura County Republican Party today announced its endorsement of Jeff Gorell for Congress in District 26.

"The Republican Party of Ventura County is proud to endorse Assemblyman Jeff Gorell to be our next Representative in Congress," declared Party Chairman Mike Osborn. "Jeff Gorell has the background and the proven winning record to deliver victory for the Republican Party in November."

"Jeff has worked successfully to unite Republican volunteers-earning endorsements from the California Republican Assembly, the Young Republican Federation of California and the Republican Party of Los Angeles County. The Republican Party of Ventura County is proud to join these grassroots Republicans in endorsing Jeff's candidacy for Congress," continued Osborn.

"Ventura County Republicans are greatly impressed with Jeff's experience as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves where he served two tours of duty overseas in Afghanistan and the Middle East," continued Osborn.

"Assemblyman Gorell is a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and Republican values," stated Osborn. "As our Republican Vice Chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee, he is leading the fight against high taxes, wasteful spending and job-killing government bureaucracy."

"Jeff is earning increased national recognition for his campaign. His candidacy provides Republicans with our best opportunity to win back the Congressional District long held by our respected former Representative Elton Gallegly," concluded Chairman Osborn.