Dear California Business Owner:

As your elected member of the California State Board of Equalization, I want to congratulate you on obtaining a new permit from the Board. Businesses like yours are the backbone of our economy. Each year they provide jobs for millions of California workers. At considerable effort and expense, they also collect billions in tax revenue for the State of California—with no compensation and little recognition for these efforts.

Business owners like you deserve our appreciation and respect.
Unfortunately, doing business in California has become increasingly difficult. To be successful, businesses like yours must navigate numerous complicated tax laws and regulations. Even the smallest oversight or mistake can result in significant penalties.

Please know that my staff and I are here to help you.
Each and every day we have the distinct pleasure of serving as taxpayer advocates for Californians. Our goal is to ensure taxpayers like you are treated fairly.

If you are starting a new business in California, my staff is available to meet with you at your business location to provide a free personal consultation aimed at helping your business avoid tax problems in the future.

To learn more or request a consultation, visit or call my office at (661) 723-8469 or (916) 445-2181.