Thefts from Vehicles and Residences during the Holiday Season
Ventura County Sheriff's Department
Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Ojai Police detectives are warning Ojai Valley residents that the holiday season is upon us and it is a time when vehicle and residential burglaries increase. Criminals are targeting locked and unlocked vehicles in which property is in plain view. Criminals are aware people are purchasing items for the holiday season and will typically store them in their vehicles. The types of property stolen from vehicles have included laptop computers, purses, and jewelry. The vehicles targeted have been parked in various locations such as driveways, streets, and parking lots and have been unattended for as little as 30 minutes. Residences that are being targeted are both locked unlocked. When you leave your residence, even for a short time, please be sure to lock your doors and windows. Report any suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

Here are some recommendations to protect yourself from being a victim:

1. Always make sure your vehicle is locked. Double-check it before leaving.
2. If you are shopping, place all of your purchases in the trunk. Do not leave items in an area where they can be seen from outside of the vehicle. This includes your personal property.
3. Even for short periods of time, do not leave your purse, laptop computer, cellular phone, wallet, backpack or anything else in plain view inside your vehicle.
4. Avoid parking in isolated, poorly lit areas.
5. Be aware of your surroundings. Report suspicious activity to the police.
6. Make sure your home is locked and the windows are secure.
7. If you are going to be away from your home for several days let your neighbors know and come into the police station and fill out a vacation slip so we can go by your home while you are gone to check on it.
8. Make sure you write down and keep the serial numbers of your property.

Location: Ojai Valley
Date: November 8, 2010
Unit Responsible: Ojai Police Investigations
Officer Preparing Release: Det. Mark Burgess
Follow-up Contact: Det. Mark Burgess / Det. Steve Michalec (805) 646-1414
Date of Release: November 8, 2010
Approved By: Captain Chris Dunn