Homicide Arrest
Santa Paula Police Department
Santa Paula Police Department

A second arrest has been made in the Homicide of Norma Elizalde, who was tragically shot and killed by a stray bullet that was fired from outside her home by rival gang members who were involved in a physical altercation that led to the shooting. Arrested was Valente Tobias, 21 years, Santa Paula. During the course of this Homicide Investigation, it was found that Tobias was involved in the crime, evidence and information was found by Santa Paula Police Detectives that linked Tobias to the crime. Tobias is a known documented gang member from Santa Paula currently on parole. Tobias was arrested while incarcerated at Ventura County Jail on an unrelated matter. Tobias was booked for 187 PC, Homicide and 186.22(a) PC, Street Terrorism with bail set at $1,000.000.

Nature of Incident: Homicide Arrest
Report Number(s):
Location(s): Arrested @ Ventura County Jail
Dates & Times: 04-07-14, 1800 hours
Unit Responsible: Investigations
(S)uspects, (V)ictims City of Residence Age
(S) Valente Tobias, Santa Paula, 21 years
Officer Preparing Press Release: Lieutenant Ismael Cordero #1038
Press Release Date: 04-09-14
Follow-Up Contact: Detective A. Macias
Approved by: Lieutenant Ismael Cordero #1038