Pakistan: Islamic seminary gutted as explosives that seminary students were preparing go off prematurely

Written by Robert spencer

You'd almost think these Islamic schools actually had bomb-making classes:

July 2009: Bomb kills nine at imam's house used as Islamic school in Pakistan
April 2007: 22 arrested for bombmaking in Islamic religious school raid in Afghanistan
July 2006: Jihadist killed by his own grenade at religious school in Afghanistan
September 2004: Nine prosecuted for bomb-making at Qur'an recital class in Indonesia

Even if they did, however, no one would care. What about those right-wing extremists?

"Injured go missing after explosion at Balochistan religious seminary," by Shahzad Baloch for the Express Tribune, November 3 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

QUETTA: An unregistered religious seminary was gutted as a result of an explosion that occured allegedly after explosive materials prematurely went off in the Eastern Bypass, an outskirt of Quetta valley, on Sunday morning.

Gee, which religion was it a seminary for? I can't imagine!

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