Letters to the Editor
September 8, 2011

To the Editor:
Re: Pole Creek Graffiti Problem 8/25/11 Letter to Editor
This note is to let Mr. Richardson and other concerned citizens of Fillmore know that the Boy Scouts of Troop 406 have volunteered to adopt the concrete walls of Pole Creek for a graffiti removal program as an ongoing community service project.
Many of the Scouts and their leaders have already received safety training from Ventura County Flood Control/Public Works officials so that the work can be done safely. The Scouts plan to begin working on the removal of graffiti from the lining of Pole Creek this fall, once all of the official paperwork and permits have been processed.
It is a big project and we are not sure how long it will take to complete. Please be patient as we work to cover the current marks on the walls and to stay ahead of new Tagging, which may be added during the process.
The Scouts of troop 406 be will be doing their best to improve the appearance of Fillmore and give back to the community which has supported them so well for many years.
Brett Chandler
Committee Chairman, Troop 406