Letters to the Editor
September 2nd, 2010

To the Editor:
Re: Kimberly Rivers for Fillmore School Board
I congratulate Kimberly Rivers for her decision to become a candidate for the Fillmore Unified School District School Board. Kimberly has been very active in the community of Piru serving on the Piru Neighborhood Council. She runs her own business and is president of a local non-profit organization, Birth Action Coalition. She also covers the reporting of School Board meetings for the local press.
Kimberly’s number one goal is to put students first. She is especially concerned that too many resources are not directed toward the education of our students and too little money goes to the classroom. She will work with community groups, parents and educators to improve the quality of education in our District.
I am proud to endorse Kimberly Rivers for the Fillmore Unified School District Board.
Mary Ford