Letters to the Editor
September 25, 2019

To the Editor:
Last week on Wednesday September 18, 2019, the educators of Fillmore Unified School District, voted down by 82% the tentative agreement brokered during mediation between FUSD and FUTA. Why would members would vote down a 2.5% raise? The simple answer if fairness. The superintendent over the last 2 years, has received an 11% salary increase while the educators of Fillmore have received 1.5%. 2.5% doesn’t even begin to help teachers reach parity. The District would argue they are being fiscally responsible and yet they approved an additional 6% raise for the superintendent along with other financial compensation for the same year they are offering FUTA 2.5%. The District would argue they need to be financially prudent. The facts show what FUTA is asking for is not unreasonable.
• Fact: The District projected a 6.19% increase in health benefits for 2018-2019.
• Fact: The difference in health benefits between 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 was a cost savings to the District of $742,585.00. This is equivalent to 4.15%.
• Fact: At the 2nd interim budget for 2018-2019, the savings in health benefits increased to $908, 074. This is equivalent to 5.06%.
We are not asking for a raise. We are asking to receive the compensation we lost based on estimated insurance costs that did not materialize. Over the years, the educators of FUSD have sacrificed much to help Fillmore Unified through dark times. These are not dark times. There is no pending financial crisis. It is about priorities and the educators of Fillmore are not a priority. Until teachers are made a priority, we will continue to lose quality teachers and our students will suffer the consequences.
Tammy Ferguson, FUTA President