Letters to the Editor
September 24, 2015

To the Editor:
This is a special thank you to the community of Fillmore for the support of the International Day of Peace Ceremony on September 21st! It was well attended and we enjoyed not only thinking of peace but also enjoyed the beautiful sunset and the lovely breeze at the city park. Awards were given to Susan and Gerald Fitzgerald for their roles in peace in Ireland as well as to Sarah Hansen for her ongoing work in bringing the Day of Peace and the Peace Pole to Fillmore. A special thank you to Bill Dewey and Paul Benevidez for their hard work in making the day a success, not only the ceremony by inviting the many persons to participate, but also in taking the Peace Day to the schools by participating in making cranes of peace and celebrating the day at the schools. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Bill lives his belief in creating peace. An additional thank you to the Veterans of Foreign War Fillmore Post, City Council Members, the Fillmore Fire Department, Mary Kay Rummel (Ventura County Poet Laureate), Kate English (Executive Director of One Step a la Vez) and Pastor Bethany Carpenter of Bardsdale Church for their participation in the ceremony and the Lions Club for donating the banner. Thank you all for your participation and for working to spread peace in Fillmore.
Sincerely, Lynn Edmonds