Letters to the Editor
September 23rd, 2010

To the Editor:
Thank you Jesus, Vons, and the nameless customer.
To those who are immediately offended by my thanking Jesus in an email, my apologies. I talk to God often in my mind and he always answers, even if I don’t hear it sometimes. It just didn’t seem right to thank Vons and a customer and not mention Jesus. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to read my story, please just hit delete.
Yesterday I had to go to the bank and withdraw a substantial amount of cash to complete a personal transaction today. To prevent flashing a wad of bills, I put my money clip around all but $100 of the amount so I could use the less flashy, folded, five twenty dollar bills for a purchase on the way home.
So, when I went into Vons in Fillmore it was my intention to pay for my purchase with the $100 kept separate in my pocket.
However, having another senior moment, I reached in my pocket and pulled out the large wad of bills and paid for my purchase. Senior moments seem to be coming more often, lately.
So, this morning, as I prepared for school, I looked down at the counter where I had placed my pockets contents the previous night. Something clicked as I saw only a clipped stack of money. My heart stopped as I counted and calculated and realized I was $100 short.
I sheepishly explained to my wife I was $100 short and she said “I didn’t touch your money!” which after twenty years of marriage I already knew. I said I couldn’t imagine what happened.
So I left for work very perplexed and thought, “I’ll retrace my steps.” I had already searched around my parked car and house. The next logical place was Vons. “Fat chance someone turned it in if I dropped it there” my mind thought.
So I went into Vons and asked for the manager and sheepishly explained that I might have dropped $100, 5 twenties and did anyone possibly turn it in. He said, “I’ll check.”
He returned in just a moment with a hundred dollars wrapped in a white paper with the following written on it. “Found on floor in front of Customer Services By Customer. M” Aisle 5 that I had used is next to the Customer Service window.
I choked up and my eyes filled with tears and I was speechless as I said, “Thank you” and left with my $100. I’ll say more in Thank You a card to the store later when I am less emotional.
I left and delivered the cash I needed to complete my transaction on my way to work.
Thank you Jesus and Vons and an unknown customer.
Michael Hoffman